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No more attempting here!

Time to rename the blog – I am taking on Manhattan as we speak.

And I’ve decided to branch out and try a new blogging platform from here on in. You can follow my NY adventures here:

Check it!


I leave tomorrow

And everything seems to be speeding up.  So I don’t have time to write.  I will post from the airport in the morning though, after I no doubt sob my way through customs 😉

Thoroughly awesome day


Yesterday was amazeballs!  Got 3 calls about my car….it’s not sold yet but it’s a start.  Then I managed to get an unexpected bonus at work.  Result!  Guess it’s only fair that I have to do some serious work before I leave then 😉

And, they also finally announced that I’m leaving.  Feels so good to be able to talk about it.  And only 9 more days of work now too.

Today is all about party organisation.  Just sorted out the food.  Next up is the ipod playlist. Jobs, jobs, jobs.


The farewells begin

I am going to be in serious need of a detox when I land stateside at the rate I’m going.  Friday and Saturday lunches both ended past midnight.  Ouch.  Not much action on the training front, I am feeling revolting.  Had lots of fun though!

2 weeks and 4 days left of work here.  And guess what they STILL haven’t announced it.   Like so annoying right now.   Mind you everybody seems to know just the same.  It’s going to look even more obvious when a girl arrives tomorrow to share my office with.  Just saying.

I’m out!

I’ve waved off the removalists and reduced my locally located worldly goods to a couple of suitcases.  Serious stuff.  Really serious stuff.

Just in case you’re wondering, I’m leaving here in 3 weeks tomorrow.

Now……….on to the serious business of selling my car, planning my farewell party and organising my trip to Vail 😉

The worst night?

It’s 10pm.  The removalists arrive at 7.30am tomorrow…..and I’m nowhere near done with the packing.  As in for the next four weeks style (thank the lord I don’t have to do more than that!).  The house also still filled with food and liquids – which aren’t allowed to come with.  The washing machine and dryer have done oh I don’t know, maybe 6 rounds tonight.   Of course I also have to get up at 5.45am as I’m riding with a friend at 6am.  Oh well thems the breaks.

On the bright side I did wave farewell to 5 garbage bags filled with clothes (and bags and shoes).   Seems it took until my 3rd crack at the job for me to get serious about it.   Doneski.  Then again I have a further 2 bags out with a friend who was having a market stall so they could boomerang back still.   More ebay work for me?!

The thing that is stressing me most about this packing is that I wont see anything I don’t remember for four weeks.  Which means it’s super important I don’t forget anything.   Anyway, enough chat now, I’ve had my 5 min break.  Need to get this show back on the road!


Alarm bells ringing on the work front

A colleague just said to me ‘so has anyone talked to you about your leaving date recently’?  To which I responded no, not at all.  Her response was concerning to say the least.  Basically she implied that ‘they’ need more time before I go.  Of course I said, that’s simply not an option.  I mean seriously, I am moving out of my house in 7 days and will be living out of a suitcase.  And I have a snow trip planned.  At a crucial (time wise) moment.  Noooooooo.

Have just sent email to bosses.  It was headed ‘my time line’.  I went on to explain that I understand how when work gets busy time runs away, so I wanted to remind them I leave in four weeks.  As in fly OUT OF THE COUNTRY.  As in please don’t even think about it!

Please, please, please let them accept this and wish me well.  Please.