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Excitement plus here, my USA Visa was approved this morning

Wow, wow, wow, did not realise how elated I would feel as I exited the interview, following the words ‘congratulations, your Visa is approved’.  Woopeeeeeee!!!!!!

In other news, work STILL hasn’t announced my departure.  Driving me batty.  And I leave in two weeks today.  Aside from that, they have briefed me on a huge and important project that has to be done prior to my departure.  Rude.  Well not rude but how about my farewell lunching plan?!

Have also listed my beautiful car for sale and had not one single call.  Boohoo.   It’s been 3 days so I dropped the price by $1k today.  Will see how I go over the next 24 hours……and will just have to keep dropping it I guess.  Keep telling myself ‘it’s only money after all’.

Now, I seriously need to get on to organising my party, which has all of a sudden become rather urgent.


Productivity on the move front

Means little time for blog updates.   I can quickly tell you this though.  I am all over the to do list and even ahead of the timeline on some projects (if you call buying a new dress an important project – which I do).

Tomorrow the removalists arrive.  The next day it’s bye bye home sweet home, hello 9 year olds bedroom and single bed and living out of suitcase.

But hey, on the flip side, how exciting is all this!  And to add to my excitement we’ve now sorted out Vail as our snow destination of choice for the loooong weekend on my way over.   I shall be departing Sydney on the 6th of April, spending 4 nights in the alps then on the 10th of April touching down in NYC.  Chilli will follow 2 days later.  I’m pretty please I’ve got a full week of settling in before work starts.

Now, it’s time to get back to work….I mean organising my move… stop Doctors for a blood test – fun!

Follow up

That was the heading of today’s email to the US HR bird.  Because they haven’t responded to last weeks email at all thus far.  Am not overly concerned but I do really want to confirm my start date, so I can get the holiday plans a-happening!  So my email  kind of said sorry to bug you but if you could just come back on that one part that would be tops (but far more professionally of course).  Hopefully tomorrow I will have some good news!





Today I sent off my initial  US Visa paper work ( am going to be on an E3 Visa).

In the same note I also requested a new start date of 18th of April.  I was honest about the fact that I’m planning to finish up in Sydney on the 6th of April and then have some time to farewell my family and friends/re acclimatise in between.   I also hit them up for 2 weeks holiday in September so that I can attend one of my best mates wedding (in Bali – plus a few side days home).  Oh and I thought I’d chuck in a small question related to boarding Chilli at their expense, if I have to do long stints away on work trips.  Hopefully I haven’t asked too much!

In other action oriented news, I had my leaking roof fixed yesterday and tomorrow the internal ceilings are being done.  So much progress, in so little time!  Oh and the first of two leasing agents came over (another one tomorrow).  And I sent off my re-mortgage paper work yesterday.

One more thing  This is major.  Chilli held it in for 10 HOURS TODAY.  I was so proud when I got home from work.   Must say she is fast becoming accustomed to the immediate walk once I arrive home – loving it.  And I am becoming accustomed to repeating the words ‘good girl Chilli’ super regularly.  Then again it is only day 3 of the great house breaking mission, I guess you better watch this space.



Just officially told my boss I accepted the role.  Feel a bit emotional and shaky now!  He responded well, he looked part sad part resigned.   Seriously is like I’m one of his babies growing up – then again it has been 12 years here, I could be.

It. Just. Gets. Better.

Response from NY is in and it was amazing.  Salary now exactly as hoped AND I’m getting flown business class rather than economy over.  The only thing they weren’t willing to do was an annual flight back to Sydders.  That’s a couple of thousand I can live with 🙂

Suffice to say, I have delightedly accepted!


Tick, tick, tick

Wow, amazing what a job offer can do for motivation on the list front.  So far:

  • obviously have job and offer did include relocation of me and all my wordly goods including Chilli AND first months rent
  • have been to dentist, now need a filling but is all booked in
  • have checked car lease pay out – is around what car is worth which was a relief, means I shouldn’t be much out of pocket (if at all)
  • have called finance company re investments and will be receiving email summary of events to expect over next few years
  • have started re-mortgage process
  • have booked two real estate agents to view property for estimate on rent (and house valuation)
  • car is booked for service and tweaking
  • vet booked (for today even!)
  • have committed to do the NYC triathlon for Freds team
  • house roof man booked and will be here any time now
  • scans booked, final herceptin booked (in two weeks)
  • get excited, tick, tick, tick!!!!!