Now in Vail!

Sorry there was no post from the airport.  I was far too distracted by the fact that I was in the First Class lounge.  Much to my absolute delight this was due to the fact I was upgraded to first class all the way from Sydney to Denver!   Much jumping up and down followed this news of course.

I thoroughly enjoyed my flight.  There were real sheets and a bedspread.  The food was strictly fine dining, I took the opportunity to feast on the entire degustation style menu.  Why not I say!

The goodbyes were unsurprisingly hard.  Particularly saying goodbye to my mum and the little ones.  I must admit to a slightly ‘unhinged’ feeling over the past few days.  It felt all so surreal.   Leaving work after 12 years was just plain odd.  Particularly as I ended up working until 7pm the night before I left.  And leaving myself no time for packing.  Stressed much?!

Anyway, I am on the other side now.  Today was spent enjoying a beautiful day in Vail, carving up the slopes.  It’s hard not to smile.  There were moments when I felt seriously pumped to be honest.  Lucky to be alive and all that.

Must dash now, dinner plans darlings.  Toodles.


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