Partied hard, now time for the reality of my move

Friday nights big farewell party was brilliant.  Seriously good party, every one says so, so it must be true!  Personally I loved it, but that’s not surprising when surrounded by my loved ones 😉

However, I woke up Saturday morning (well afternoon) feeling sad.  Seems the combination of party over/tiredness/less than a week to go, all contributed to me feeling the reality of my leaving.

I want to move to New York.  I mean I’ve even written a whole blog about it.  But I am going to miss my peeps here so much it has started to hurt.  Tears commenced Saturday and they are now sitting just below the surface, ready to come to the fore at any moment.

I’ve always known it would be the kids that will be the hardest to leave.  I am incredibly close to my nieces and nephews.  I really, truly adore them.  And it’s been amazing living with my sister these last few weeks getting so much quality time in.  On the flip side though, going from this to Skype is going to be an even bigger bridge to cross!

Last night we had a family get together.  There was a bbq, cake, and even a group dance.  As I sat at the dinner table and watched the kids running around screaming and laughing I really felt the enormity of my move hit me.  I will miss them so much.

Anyway, moving on.  There are now only 3 more days of work to go.  I am going to be skiing in Vail very shortly.  I am actually moving to New York this week!!!   Back to watching the Concrete Jungle film clip I go 😉

Oh and ps the car is becoming a noose….I will update further tomorrow!  Note to self, never buy a brand new car – money pittarama!


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