10 days to go

Just got butterflies when I typed that heading.  And then I realised it was only actually 9!

Yesterday, I picked up my passport, featuring my shiny new American Working Visa.  And guess what, it’s valid for – wait for it – five years.  Five years!  I really can’t believe I have pulled this off to such an enormous extent.  Amazed and grateful and just damn excited!

But I still haven’t sold my car.  The calls have dried up.  Not one of the interested parties showed up to see it in the end.  Frustrating much?!   I still have a joker up my sleeve though.  A girl I know who is o/s and returning this weekend claims to be ‘very seriously interested’.  Let’s just hope she’s my Audi’s next ‘one’ as in love of life 😉

Only two sleeps now until the big farewell/FFF party.  I am so, so excited.  It’s like the wedding I never had.  I mean haven’t had yet.

Off to the check the Vail 10 day snow report now.  Byeeee.


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