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Brandi rules!

I must admit, I just had my first attack of the oh my god’s, total nerves in the stomach about my move.  And with 5 and a half weeks to go, I imagine things are only going to get more scary/emotional from here in.  Of course I will face the fear and do it anyway, but I have to say, I am feeling weird right now.

The reason being, that I have just hung up from Brandi.   Who is amazing by the way.   We were on the phone for an hour, discussing her role in my move.  Basically, she will be my right hand man (woman), helping with all of the furniture relocation and even of Chilli (all that scoping out for pet relocation and it gets done for me!  Have told her I want to use just the same).

Unbeknowns to me until this point, I have to go through my house and seperate everything in to three categories.   1/ stuff to ship, 2/ stuff to air freight, 3/ stuff to put into storage.   Turns out I am even covered for a storage container here.  Mum will be happy, she thought she was providing this for me!

Brandi told me how stressful it is and how much paper work is involved.  And then reassured me that I could call her any time, and gave me her mobile number because she wants me to know she is there to reduce the stress

So Brandi rules.  But she has also just made me feel more stressed than I have before this very moment!


Got home to find this out the front today!

I also got home after the gardeners having been and it all looks so damn fine, I really can’t believe I didn’t get it fixed up sooner…..

Now back to sorting stuff out.  I got precious little done on the weekend truth be told.   That procrastination is a bugger!


What I’m doing – playing on the internet.

What I should be doing – cleaning out my wardrobe as promised to self.  And cleaning out my car.  Basically anything to get project move out of home in 3 weeks (yikes!) time under way.

Oh by the way, the advertisement for my house went up today – and I have my first inspections on Wed at 5pm.  This moving stuff is getting serious now.

Tick tock, tick tock

Today, marks 6 weeks to the day until I leave my job in Sydney.

Tomorrow, marks 6 weeks to the day until I leave Sydney.

Today, my friend and Chilli’s auntie departed, bound for LA then NY.

Yesterday I signed the paper work on my rental agreement and had the photographs taken for the advertising.

Today, I signed my re-mortgage paper work.

This time in 6 weeks tomorrow, I shall be arriving somehwhere in the US of A, hopefully somewhere with loads of snow!  That’s right, we’re going skiing.

Oh and lets not forget, in 5 weeks tomorrow I’m having a huge farewell/40th/f**ck of breast cancer party.

I told you.  Time is ticking!


More incoming!

More incoming!

Today’s email inbox featured a very exciting note from the furniture relocation company. I say exciting because that means that all is in order and approved for firm dates.

But then of course I opened the attachments – 6 in total. More forms to fill out! The most complex, or at least detailed being the insurance. Of course I have to list and value everything I’m moving right down to the last shoe. Fun.

I also got an email asking me to submit an organisation structure in my current role for my Visa application. Very Nice to know that’ss moving right along then!

I love NY!

I love NY!.

Chilli’s bags are packed

I have been busy sorting out Chilli’s mode of transport for her big trip to her new home (Manhattan NYC!).    Once I started this particular mission I realised I am quite worried about how she’s going to cope.  She really does prefer to be with her mummy and this whole catching a plane thing is bound to be a bit frightening.  I feel sad for her.

But I have good news, after sending off no less than 5 emails asking for quotes I have found ‘the one’.   Chilli will be moving care of Animal Travel.   The reason is simply because they were so friendly and on the job in like a nanosecond.  Narelle from Animal Travel, was on the phone to me 5 minutes after I sent the quote off.  They are a Sydney based business very experienced in International relocation and have loads of references.  Narelle was also very direct which I rate – ie don’t move her on the weekend or public holidays because it will cost more and may take longer.   The best part is, Chilli will only be on the road (in the air) for like two day max.  She basically gets picked up one day and arrives in NY the following afternoon.  Yay.

Also, I have discovered that I don’t need to be faffing about with vet jobs in advance, they will take care of the vaccinations and a full health check and certificate after they pick her up.  Job done!