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House training challenge!

My puppy Chilli has been very lucky to live all of her life (one year and 3 months) in a house with 24/7 access to the backyard.  She has learned that she needs to go to the backyard to go to the toilet, but timings are not regulated, she goes when she likes.  She is about 99% good on this front, with only a very occasional slip up.

Of course, in moving us to Manhattan, this is going to have to change.   We are almost certainly going to be living in an apartment.  Therefore, she needs to learn to only go to the toilet when I take her outside.  And I need to be there for her more to ensure she has regular trips outside.  Or at least I/combined with a paid dog walker!

So, I decided to bite the bullet and as of Sunday night I have been confining her to the house over night and whilst I am at work.   Night and day one was a huge success.  I came home at 6pm after 9 hours yesterday to find that the house was free of Chilli mistakes.

But over night last night, I was not so successful.  I woke up today to both a number 1 and a number 2.

I have been reading up on suggested house breaking techniques and I know I have to be patient and just keep trying.  I accept that over the next few weeks I will be cleaning up after her a lot.

What is harder though is trying to follow the above techniques to the hilt.  Most sources agree, that I should be confining her to a crate, particularly when I’m not home.  But it just breaks my heart to think about her inside a box all day!

I then need to take her outside as soon as I return home, and try and return home more regularly.   This part is a pain but totally up to me and I am committed to doing so.  I want her with me, I can do this.

Anyone out there got any other suggestion re house training a 1 year old dog?  That is outside a damn crate?  I am all ears!



Just officially told my boss I accepted the role.  Feel a bit emotional and shaky now!  He responded well, he looked part sad part resigned.   Seriously is like I’m one of his babies growing up – then again it has been 12 years here, I could be.

Urban Daddy

18 months ago, I went on holiday to New York for almost a month.  It was then that I decided that I could definitely live there and should consider doing just that at some point in the future.   To be honest there were no firm plans or even conviction behind thought but I did feel attracted.

Before I went to NY I was recommended the website Urban Daddy.  And funnily enough, I’ve never unsubscribed.   So every day, I get an email with the latest and greatest on offer in NY – from bars to bands, dining and even shopping.  It’s telling that for a long time my daily email went straight to the trash.

Well, not any more, I’m loving opening it every morning.   For anyone taking a holiday to a major city in the US, I encourage you to investigate Urban Daddy.  I just wish we had a site as good here (although to be fair this will no longer be a problem, would only be trash can fodder in a mere 3 months time!).


It. Just. Gets. Better.

Response from NY is in and it was amazing.  Salary now exactly as hoped AND I’m getting flown business class rather than economy over.  The only thing they weren’t willing to do was an annual flight back to Sydders.  That’s a couple of thousand I can live with 🙂

Suffice to say, I have delightedly accepted!


Tick, tick, tick

Wow, amazing what a job offer can do for motivation on the list front.  So far:

  • obviously have job and offer did include relocation of me and all my wordly goods including Chilli AND first months rent
  • have been to dentist, now need a filling but is all booked in
  • have checked car lease pay out – is around what car is worth which was a relief, means I shouldn’t be much out of pocket (if at all)
  • have called finance company re investments and will be receiving email summary of events to expect over next few years
  • have started re-mortgage process
  • have booked two real estate agents to view property for estimate on rent (and house valuation)
  • car is booked for service and tweaking
  • vet booked (for today even!)
  • have committed to do the NYC triathlon for Freds team
  • house roof man booked and will be here any time now
  • scans booked, final herceptin booked (in two weeks)
  • get excited, tick, tick, tick!!!!!


Back to when I hatched this plan….

I have just been reading my old blog posts, in search of the ones where I first set my sights on a move to NY.  Turns out it was 6 months ago that I first decided to move my cheese and then to move to NY.  I am so very grateful my plan is coming to fruition!

In other news I have drafted my negotiation response to the US.  Just waiting for local HR to give the note the go ahead.  But wotev’s, I’m like so outta here whether they budge on the offer or not!

Thank you universe, you’re the best!

It’s official peeps, I have been offered the role.   And only a couple of hours after my last post!  Sorry for the delayed update, I have been celebrating 🙂

And I must say universe, you have done a stellar job on delivering almost all of my desires.  I shall give a nudge on the couple of outstanding issues, but will admit right now, I am happy already.  Just in my line of work, would be poor form not to attempt some negotiation.  And I would really like that annual flight home per year!

Can I just thank you for the amount of time off I get as well?  I mean, it’s outstanding, the combination of annual leave, public holidays and flexi time offered means I will rarely be at work.  OK that’s an exaggeration but it’s no exaggeration that I will be almost doubling my leave days annually!

Now let’s just hope the job delivers on the satisfaction from as well 😉

ps this post was brought to you at 5.30am, can’t sleep too excited!