No more attempting here!

Time to rename the blog – I am taking on Manhattan as we speak.

And I’ve decided to branch out and try a new blogging platform from here on in. You can follow my NY adventures here:

Check it!


Now in Vail!

Sorry there was no post from the airport.  I was far too distracted by the fact that I was in the First Class lounge.  Much to my absolute delight this was due to the fact I was upgraded to first class all the way from Sydney to Denver!   Much jumping up and down followed this news of course.

I thoroughly enjoyed my flight.  There were real sheets and a bedspread.  The food was strictly fine dining, I took the opportunity to feast on the entire degustation style menu.  Why not I say!

The goodbyes were unsurprisingly hard.  Particularly saying goodbye to my mum and the little ones.  I must admit to a slightly ‘unhinged’ feeling over the past few days.  It felt all so surreal.   Leaving work after 12 years was just plain odd.  Particularly as I ended up working until 7pm the night before I left.  And leaving myself no time for packing.  Stressed much?!

Anyway, I am on the other side now.  Today was spent enjoying a beautiful day in Vail, carving up the slopes.  It’s hard not to smile.  There were moments when I felt seriously pumped to be honest.  Lucky to be alive and all that.

Must dash now, dinner plans darlings.  Toodles.

I leave tomorrow

And everything seems to be speeding up.  So I don’t have time to write.  I will post from the airport in the morning though, after I no doubt sob my way through customs 😉

Partied hard, now time for the reality of my move

Friday nights big farewell party was brilliant.  Seriously good party, every one says so, so it must be true!  Personally I loved it, but that’s not surprising when surrounded by my loved ones 😉

However, I woke up Saturday morning (well afternoon) feeling sad.  Seems the combination of party over/tiredness/less than a week to go, all contributed to me feeling the reality of my leaving.

I want to move to New York.  I mean I’ve even written a whole blog about it.  But I am going to miss my peeps here so much it has started to hurt.  Tears commenced Saturday and they are now sitting just below the surface, ready to come to the fore at any moment.

I’ve always known it would be the kids that will be the hardest to leave.  I am incredibly close to my nieces and nephews.  I really, truly adore them.  And it’s been amazing living with my sister these last few weeks getting so much quality time in.  On the flip side though, going from this to Skype is going to be an even bigger bridge to cross!

Last night we had a family get together.  There was a bbq, cake, and even a group dance.  As I sat at the dinner table and watched the kids running around screaming and laughing I really felt the enormity of my move hit me.  I will miss them so much.

Anyway, moving on.  There are now only 3 more days of work to go.  I am going to be skiing in Vail very shortly.  I am actually moving to New York this week!!!   Back to watching the Concrete Jungle film clip I go 😉

Oh and ps the car is becoming a noose….I will update further tomorrow!  Note to self, never buy a brand new car – money pittarama!

10 days to go

Just got butterflies when I typed that heading.  And then I realised it was only actually 9!

Yesterday, I picked up my passport, featuring my shiny new American Working Visa.  And guess what, it’s valid for – wait for it – five years.  Five years!  I really can’t believe I have pulled this off to such an enormous extent.  Amazed and grateful and just damn excited!

But I still haven’t sold my car.  The calls have dried up.  Not one of the interested parties showed up to see it in the end.  Frustrating much?!   I still have a joker up my sleeve though.  A girl I know who is o/s and returning this weekend claims to be ‘very seriously interested’.  Let’s just hope she’s my Audi’s next ‘one’ as in love of life 😉

Only two sleeps now until the big farewell/FFF party.  I am so, so excited.  It’s like the wedding I never had.  I mean haven’t had yet.

Off to the check the Vail 10 day snow report now.  Byeeee.

Thoroughly awesome day


Yesterday was amazeballs!  Got 3 calls about my car….it’s not sold yet but it’s a start.  Then I managed to get an unexpected bonus at work.  Result!  Guess it’s only fair that I have to do some serious work before I leave then 😉

And, they also finally announced that I’m leaving.  Feels so good to be able to talk about it.  And only 9 more days of work now too.

Today is all about party organisation.  Just sorted out the food.  Next up is the ipod playlist. Jobs, jobs, jobs.


Excitement plus here, my USA Visa was approved this morning

Wow, wow, wow, did not realise how elated I would feel as I exited the interview, following the words ‘congratulations, your Visa is approved’.  Woopeeeeeee!!!!!!

In other news, work STILL hasn’t announced my departure.  Driving me batty.  And I leave in two weeks today.  Aside from that, they have briefed me on a huge and important project that has to be done prior to my departure.  Rude.  Well not rude but how about my farewell lunching plan?!

Have also listed my beautiful car for sale and had not one single call.  Boohoo.   It’s been 3 days so I dropped the price by $1k today.  Will see how I go over the next 24 hours……and will just have to keep dropping it I guess.  Keep telling myself ‘it’s only money after all’.

Now, I seriously need to get on to organising my party, which has all of a sudden become rather urgent.